Most of you were probably expecting to read about the Edelman stuff but I deleted it so you are left with a story about me seeing about 50 dicks. For that I am not sorry.

I posted a personal picture of a girl I know, and I shouldn’t have done that. But with some mistakes, you’re left with great opportunity. And it has been my dream to be the villian of the Barstool comment section where a bunch of bros criticize my spelling and not being cool enough.

by tanglung on
February 23, 2016 at 2:06 pm
This kid sounds like a big fucking pussy. Christ dude, have some fucking drinks and hang out and be cool. Don’t act like a little bitch. And don’t overhype the story acting like its legendary. Dude, you sat outside with Julian Edelman for a while. Wowwww! Acting like a13 year old girl.

The Kraft/Craft spelling mistake caught by another commenter is egregious but in my defense, the blog is usually read by a few of my aunts. There’s not a huge demand for editing with them.  But the not- drinking commenter can eat a bag of sweaty spa dicks. “Hang out and be cool” but at the same time “don’t act like it’s legendary?” Which is it?  It’s hyperbole, you genius. Sort of like your comment but I was exaggerating for effect and you’re just an idiot. I drank enough booze in my life to drown your whole family five times over by the way. I stopped because my mother was crying a lot.

I’m going into hiding for a few days so you can find me at the YMCA hot tub if you need a comment. And Portnoy, the blog wasn’t a “sneaky tryout” for Barstool.

I don’t try out. I just show up.