I’ve spent a considerable amount of energy keeping my mother away from my blog. After it went on Barstool, someone sent the link to her and it linked her to my story about seeing a bunch of dicks at a spa. She told me she loved it a few hours ago. I think things are going to be forever awkward but I have to carry on.

If you didn’t read the first blog on Keath Otis, you can find it here. It’s about a man who wrote a YEAR LONG Amazon review on an inflatable hot tub. He has ignored my questions on the Amazon thread but I’m not letting it get in the way of finding answers. I’m kind of over Steven Avery so I’m on to Keath Otis and specifically, what drives a man to write a year-long review about a hot tub. I wrote him a letter and I hope the cops don’t get involved I hope to hear back from him soon.

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