Give me a TV show you like and I can give you five more that you’ve never seen that you’ll also like. I’m a TV match-maker. Ever since my music match-making days ended with Napster, I’ve dominated the Golden Age of TV. I’ve seen everything. I’m like TV Rainman or actually, probably more like the albino guy in Powder who can move spoons.


The Golden Age of TV is upon us and it’s my calling. Sure, it calls me to the couch a lot but I justify this by watching everything between the hours of 9 PM and midnight so I don’t waste any really important hours. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who has watched more television (and a variety of it for that matter) than myself. I’m considering a second blog called The Tube specifically for TV so if you think that would be a good idea, let me know. If you think it’s a stupid idea then shut your stupid face.

Recommendation for today is The Staircase. I watched this about a year ago and if you got into the Steven Avery saga, this is your next match. It’s about a man on trial for killing his wife. She was found at the bottom of the staircase at her home and there was a LOT of blood which seems to contradict the theory that it was an accidental fall. The husband, Michael Peterson (above), was at the home at the time and found her. The documentary is a series of installments you can find on Youtube. It’s not quite as ascetically pleasing as MaM and it’s a little slow at times but overall, the story is intriguing because you get a super close look at the man accused and the defense team. It’s similar to the Jinx in some ways but in the Jinx you see that Durst is an absolute psycho but Michael Peterson…well, I think I’d be OK if he was my uncle.


Side note: Have any of you ever watched Rectify? It’s a 2013 show on Sundance (and Netflix) and I’m pretty sure the directors of Making a Murder basically stole the intro idea from them. It’s virtually the same thing. Not to mention that Rectify is ABOUT a man let out of jail on DNA evidence for the rape and murder of a woman. Good show. Not for all because it’s a little slow but the acting is great and I’m in love with this female character.


Anyways, go watch The Staircase today so I can actually talk to someone about it. The theory of what happened (after the case) is amazing.