I was driving through Boston two weeks ago and right before the tunnel (heading North to South) I see a billboard about Smokey the Bear and preventing forest fires. It didn’t look exactly like the picture above but it was Smokey the Bear and it was about fire prevention.

Let me start by saying I had to take a minute to think about if the billboard had just been up since 1986 and nobody bothered to take it down. I thought that Smokey died with the Marlboro man but apparently he’s back and is still lead-advocate in preventing fires. That’s fine. I may disagree with the idea of a bear with an agenda but why in the name of Keath Otis has he come to BOSTON? If this is because a Boston Bruin is a bear I’m going on record and saying this is the weakest ad-campaign I’ve ever heard of. The ONLY significant fire I can remember in a 100-mile radius of Boston was when some rascal started a fire at Hingham Elementary School after hours. The year was 1990 and he may have been the most dangerous villain to ever hit the whitest town on the South Shore.


Just laughable, really. You have the opioid epidemic, the economy, and forest fires? How much do billboards cost to put up because it would seem that it’s pretty affordable. Please someone find out how much it costs because I’d love to smack a picture up there of me in that USA Chubbies bathing suit in some exotic hot tub and the sign reads “Welcome to Boston” on it or something. This wasn’t some billboard tucked away in Lynn, people. It was in an absolute prime location with bridge views. Some guy is walking around somewhere yelling “WE LANDED THE BOSTON LOCATION” while he grapples with the fact that there are no forests at risk.

Maybe in Western, MA but nobody has ever been there except to go apple-picking.