As many of you devout Jets know, I sent a letter to Keath at his home in New York after my creep detective skills uncovered his home address. Many of you wondered if I was crazy, while others wondered if Keath would respond. To my critics: if you can’t take me at my creepiest, then get the hell out of the tub. Lots of great relationships have developed through the art of written mail and I do believe great minds think alike.


In August of 2014, Keath Otis penned the greatest Amazon review of all time about the Intex Portable Hot Tub and I–like so many others–wonder what drives this type of greatness. I embarked on a quest to find out, and wrote my own letter in hopes of an explanation. Keath responded through email saying that he would gladly answer any questions. I got the email yesterday and after a celebratory soak, I wondered if heaven would be anything like this.

I have wrote back to Keath and will not disclose my questions at this time. You need to understand this is a very delicate situation and everything hinges on this correspondence. Much like Kevin Spacey in The Negotiator, I must choose my words carefully or someone as cunning as Keath or Samuel L. Jackson could figure it out and pull a gun.


I will let you in on my strategy, though.

My initial email(s) need to be professional and play to Keath’s own professionalism and reviewer integrity. I cannot and will not give Keath Otis the impression that I do not respect his work. This is difficult to do when all I want to know is why he’d write a year-long review but I need to tread carefully or else nobody will get answers. Let me just tell you that just when I thought I’d moved on from the OJ Simpson trial, they find a knife buried at his now-demolished estate. I’m told that there is no connection to the murder but it has re-triggered a sleeping-giant of curiosity in me. I cannot live with a decade of questions in regards to Keath. My greatest fear is that Keath, in a moment of loneliness, goes to Google his name and finds out that there are Youtube videos, blogs, and video updates relating to his life. This could ruin everything and is a risk I knew about getting into this. I know many of you are wanting quick results but I’m doing my due-diligence with this and really hoping it pays off. Making a Murderer took 10 years to do and I can’t Make Keath Otis in a week.

This is Keath’s world and we’re just lucky to be part of the review. -Proverb