The Tub has never been hotter than it is right now.  It’s becoming so popular that one by one I may get to kick some of you out. If you sweat a lot or you’re a close-talker, you may be high on the list. I still don’t have my own hot tub so for now, you’re all safe.

For those of you still curious about the ongoings of Keath Otis, the man who wrote a year-long hot tub review on Amazon, you’ll find the video below informative. For those of you not interested, there’s a very special treat: 


When The Tub was originally on Tumblr with 9 million angry teenage girls following it, there was a segment I did on toll trolls. Toll trolls are toll-booth collectors and rank as my #3 enemy behind Time Warner Cable and skunks. They are angry and hostile and ever since EZ-PASS, they have been a highly unstable population. I changed my debit card a few months back and I think it was connected to my auto-pay with EZ PASS. So until I remedy that situation, I’m paying cash at the booths like an asshole. There was an unintended consequence of all of this and that is the opportunity to come face to face with another troll. Today, it was Rhonda.

I’ve made it quite easy for you all to follow this blog. If we’re being honest, it’s pretty great and the content is only going to get better. I’ve recruited a friend– who I will tell you about soon– but he’s going to bump up the temperature to an illegal, 105 degrees.

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