Stumbled upon the first segment of the new Steve Harvey show Little Big Shots after a sub-par episode of The Voice. First off, Steve Harvey is officially the new Wayne Brady. White people love him and I think he’s on about 9 different shows. He’s helping race relations on the Family Feud one sexual innuendo at a time.

The kid in the video (below) is 4 years old and makes viral videos of crazy basketball trick shots. He’s a little smug but I think he just knows he has a gift. His form is combination of Rick Barry and the kid from Rookie of the Year, who broke his arm and could suddenly throw 100 mph.

I’m very skeptical of viral videos but some of these shots do not look edited. Part of me always wonders if there’s some Earl Woodsian dad conditioning these kids to do weird stuff for internet clicks. But the kid looks happy, right?! If he can somehow replicate this shot technique when he’s older he’s going to be unbelievable. To be able to shoot a ball from the overhead pass position would be unstoppable. Only two options for this kid: future Hall of Famer or childhood viral sensation turned drug addict.

Check out the video and oh yeah, I may have been bored today and asked Keath Otis if I could go to his house for a soak. More to follow.