I was driving north on 95 towards Vacationland when I was taken by a sneaky and powerful form of nostalgia. I don’t remember if anything specific brought on the sensation but I opened Spotify and pretended I had unlimited phone data. Something in my being wanted to travel back in time. So back I went–20 years plus–to 1995.

That sweet, sweet Lisa Loeb. The song was “Stay” and you all can relate to the magic of lyrics effortlessly emanating from your lips. The weird thing about the phenomenon is that I listen to more music now than I did when I was a teenager and I can’t for the life of me memorize Jay-Z’s 99 Problems. I wasn’t some huge Lisa Loeb fan back in the 90s and I didn’t sit home memorizing her lyrics contrary to some of the rumors out there. If you asked me to name the last 7 dinners I’ve had this week, I’d probably get four if I was lucky. And yet, when the song came on, all the words were there. They never left and with my glasses on, I felt like maybe I too could be in a horrible VH1 video. The glasses I was wearing were green–and actually aviator sunglasses–but wearing them and singing the song, did make me feel, for an instant, like a hot librarian. I hit every note and lyric of that 3 minute and 4 second trip back to ’95.


A friend of mine said he saw Lisa Loeb at dinner recently in NYC and that she was a nightmare. His stories sometimes lack credibility and 2 of the last 3 times I’ve seen him he was real drunk so maybe he was the nightmare. I’m siding with Lisa. Let me tell you Jets that”Stay” started a 90s avalanche for me. And I’m not sure why it was a female avalanche but it was. Sophie B. Hawkins. Natalie Imbrughliadhljaljd (spelling?) Jewel and Canada’s best ever export–Alanis Morsette. I still stand by my sentiment that Alanis Morsette’s first CD in 1997 is a top 25 album of all time. These women would come to pave the way for Michelle Branch and Vanessa Carleton who aren’t quite A-level material but you bet your hot tub I know those lyrics too. Sidenote:  Screw Meredith Brooks. She doesn’t get to be a part of this list.

I don’t know what happened to these types of artists but I’m turning into music’s version of Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino. Just completely disheartened to hear garbage like “Holla Back Girl” or really anything Gwen Stefani does. Ugh, just miss me some Jewel! She was a judge on that show “The Sing Off” and I watched about 1.5 episodes. You have to at least TRY a show that has Nick Lache, Jewel, and BEN FOLDS. Jewel looked amazing and I’m pretty sure she got a boob job. Do people still say “boob job” because I’m still saying it. Ben Folds is a genius and Nick Lache will forever have street magic cred with me. Just a real good mix of talent on a horrible show.

My mind is all over the place. All I’m thinking about now is if Lisa Loeb thinks she shits ice-cream (that’s my dad’s saying). Like does she ever get drunk and yell “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM!?” I’d guess yes. Because if I imagine doing my card-in-a-lemon magic trick for the President for some hot tub charity event and it went really well….I’d probably be talking about it for years.