Everybody knows you’re getting fucked when you buy tickets. Whether it’s from Ticketmaster or some crazy scalper (“TICKETS? BUYIN’. SELLIN'”) there’s an unsaid understanding that the dealer is getting more money than face value and you’re getting a ticket to a show. It doesn’t mean it’s fair or right but we expect it. We expect it like $150 haircuts for women, $10 glasses of wine, and a $350 greens-fee at TPC Sawgrass.

I wasn’t surprised to learn that someone along the way just went ballistic after they paid $100.13 for a ticket to GUSTER. The original price was like $45 but they tack on a service fee, printing press fee, and all sorts of other things that bring the cost up to something that’s not even a whole number. This person–maybe it was Jason Best pictured above–was kinda mad when the transaction went through but just absolutely lost their mind after Guster played for an hour and 20 minutes and they didn’t even close with the best song.

Not surprised a lawsuit of some kind happened but gotta be honest…I’m not following it. I’m a sheep and I pay the prices without putting up a fight. I’m basically the target audience for Jet Blue’s extra leg room. For $100 more they give you 6 more inches for your stupid legs. I’d do it. I think I have done it. I’d look at my transaction history but that’s not what sheep do.

Long story short…found this in my email today:

Screenshot 2016-05-13 09.34.41

I’ll read the small print for you. Appears to me that as a reward for taking all that ticket fucking, we–the dedicated consumer–gets a DISCOUNT CODE.

Towards a 2.25 credit on a future transaction. 

Two dollars and twenty-five cents. That’s a “fuck you” number if you ask me. Nobody is claiming. Ticketmaster must have had some nerd come up with the exact economic figure that would annoy the consumer so badly BUT not bad enough that they’d stop using Ticketmaster. Just cramming numbers and doing mock scenarios until they came up with $2.25.

Then they settled.