So I typed in “The Tub Podcast” into iTunes to see if my podcast is up yet and it gave me some podcasts loosely affiliated with ‘tub’ terms. There was some weird shit that popped up including a podcast about Voyage of the Mimi that gave me a little chuckle. Maybe my friends and I are the only ones that get that reference but here’s a picture to jog your memory.

That’s Ben Affleck by the way, Voyage of the Mimi
Anyways, I looked through some of them and even found myself giving them a listen to check out the competition. I was especially intrigued with a podcast called “Hot Tub Joe: Conversations on Love, Passions, and Money.” 


Initially I was a little resentful because it seemed as some other hot tub enthusiast beat me to the punch and started recording live from a hot tub. This, of course, is my dream. But then I listened to two minutes of the podcast and it was absolute chicken shit. Besides the poor sound quality, the guy was uncomfortably weird. Even though he sounded like the last person I’d ever soak with, I did want to know more about the guy so–shocker–I looked him up. His website was real nice looking but he seems 100% serious about this love and money thing and it doesn’t quite mesh with my own hot tub philosophy. But, wait, what did I see?!

He’s hiring.

No idea how he can afford to give a love consultant a salary BUT I’M ALL EARS, JOE!

Screenshot 2016-06-30 20.54.02.png

Naturally, I applied because it’s Thursday night.

Do I have doubts about working for Hot Tub Joe?


The pay may not be great. The job may be in Idaho. Maybe Joe is a pedophile. These things concern me. But when my money dries up from failed magic tricks I’m going to need a fallback. Everybody needs a fallback. Can’t take anything for granted nowadays.

Screenshot 2016-06-30 21.04.15

I didn’t add my website to my application because, well, some of you know what happened with Keath. I’m going to give Keath some time to heal and I feel dreadful about the whole thing but I can’t let my sadness get too out of hand or you’re gonna find me neck deep in a tub of tequila. That wouldn’t be good for anyone.

I’ll let you know if I get the job and have to relocate. Send me your thoughts and prayers.