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I was recently with my fiancé’s  forever-girlfriend’s family and things got heated and a good old-fashioned game of Rock, Paper, Scissors was needed to settle the score.

I line up face-to-face with her father and plan on using the paper-first tactic, assuming he’s comin’ in hot with the rock. I get my fist cocked and ready to go and I verbalize the chant while having the clenched fist and syncing it up with my words.


And he throws out rock WAY TOO EARLY. 

Now where I am from, you literally SAY Rock, Paper, Scissors, and then SAY SHOOT. When you say “Shoot” you throw out your choice. In other words, you throw out the Rock on the 4th beat. 

Future Father-in-Law throws out the Rock on the 2nd beat like some sort of alien. Now, I’m looking around the table in utter disbelief because my world has just been turned upside down. The REST of the family are all on HIS side. They’re mostly from California so I’m sitting there thinking, “is this a California thing or did this father corrupt all of his family with misinformation?”

We continued on, but I literally couldn’t break the 30 year-old habit of throwing out the goods on the 4th beat. I became unhinged and lost the psychological battle.

Fast forward to this week and this movie comes on TV and they literally have a RPS battle. SHOCKED AND CHAGRINED because they threw out the rock on the 2nd beat! But my mind is in a mirror-maze pretzel because here on The Tub, we do our research and according to this 2008 RPS Championship, you throw out the goods after the 3rd beat.

So, I’m taking a poll here because I need answers: