#6 :  Penny and Desmond, LOST

This one isn’t up for debate. It’s not Jack and Kate and it’s definitely not Juliet and Sawyer. Imagine inheriting a billion dollars and spending it on finding your ex in the Bermuda Triangle. That type of devotion deserves a slow-clap. Not Penny’s boat?!

I’m not crying you’re crying.


#5: Corey and Topanga, Boy Meets World

Part of me doesnt want to put Corey on this list. He really messed up when he insinuated to the whole school that he slept with Topanga in the supply closet when he didn’t. But that pathetic little dork really lucks out by having Topanga. Topanga kept getting better looking every season but did she go after someone better? I don’t think so! And what says love more than being the smartest person in the school and deciding to go to college …with your dumb boyfriend. Seriously, though, it was as if she got into Harvard and thought Umass Boston with Corey was the best move for her.

#4: Adam and Christina, Parenthood

This is one of the two adult love stories on the list. It’s not flashy or scandalous but it belongs on the damn list. Adam is the father you should be and Christina is the wife you want.  Any of you who think This is Us comes close to this show is bonkers.

#3: Bates and Anna, Downton Abbey

I was a BIG fan of Bates and even though I broke up with the guests of Downton Abbey somewhere in the 3rd season, the impression Bates and Anna left with me remains. Penny and Desmond may be the only competition for these two in terms of overcoming adversity. These two had to carry on a love affair while working together in voluntary servitude. Not easy to do.

#2: Pacey and Joey, Dawson’s Creek

In high school, we’d have viewing parties for this show. It would be me and about 9 girls so it’s a wonder how I came out straight. Dawson is even more flawed than Corey and there was NO WAY that Spielberg-loving turd was making the list. But Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes belong together here and in real life. These emotions culminated in one bold move by Pacey and we haven’t forgotten it.


#1: Kevin and Winnie, The Wonder Years

If you haven’t watched The Wonder Years, I’m asking that you put aside a couple of weeks and watch a season or two. It is one of the best written shows of all time and I’m fairly confident that if you stole some kid’s parents and had the child raised on these episodes, he or she would turn out OK.

Things started getting serious when Brian Cooper was killed and Kevin decided it was a the right time to get to first base. The relationship had its ups and downs (which doesn’t!?) where Kevin had to fend off the likes of Becky Slater and overcome some internal demons. This show was so damn good that I made Adriana drive me an hour out of the way to visit the street that these two fell in love on. Kevin was a real meathead sometimes (especially in the later seasons) but he did figure it out eventually. The show concludes with one of my favorite lines ever:

Every single thing that ever happened to me that mattered, in some way, had to do with her


Who makes your list?

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