This isn’t cold brew coffee. I grade my television in letters so deal with it.

Mind Hunter 

Grade : A-

A not-bloody psychological look at serial killers. Whoever plays serial killer, Ed Kemper, gets 5 soaks stars and should win something. His episodes are incredible. The ending is a little melodramatic (and terrifying) but really looking forward to a second season that could go in any number of directions.

Manhunt: Unabomber

Grade: B+

One of the more bingeable shows I’ve seen in the past year and that’s saying something because most of us know how it ends. The lead actor and writing is mediocre but Paul Bethany is pretty good as Ted Kaczynski and the pace of the show makes it an easy-watch. I finished the season in three days.

Dave Chappelle Stand-Up: The Bird Revelation/Equanimity

Grade: A-/B+

You probably already know if you like Chappelle or not. If you do, you’ll like it. Simple as that. If you’re offended by things Dave Chappelle says, you’ll stay offended.

Stranger Things 2

Grade: B

I had a weird relationship with this one. Early on, it looked like we may even break up. I thoroughly enjoyed the first season (Grade: A/A-) and thought it should have went out on top like Barry Sanders. The cast put together an all-nighter and earned a respectable B for the year. Sidetone, it would be really upsetting if Dustin becomes a drug addict in real life.


Friends in College

Grade: C-

I’m sure somewhere out in society, people have friends from college that are like these self-involved losers. I found the show nearly impossible to relate to and sometimes their insecurities seemed so ridiculous that it felt entirely not-believable. Why did I put this show on a blog called “Can’t Miss TV Shows?” Because I watched the entire season that’s why and these thoughts need to go somewhere.

P.S. Fred Savage as anyone but Kevin Arnold is just hard to stomach.


Grade: A-

It’s a B+/A- show and I’m good with Jason Bateman in a different type of role but wonder if the show will have any juice for a follow-up season. There’s a balancing act of believability that they need to maintain. You 100% should watch it but I don’t have high expectations for Season 2.

The Punisher

Grade: B+

This was unlike any of the other Marvel/Netflix productions we’ve seen. It’s dark and dare I say, a character study of sorts. I was shocked that the show had this slow burn feel but it’s really, surprisingly, good. There are some down episodes but, I’d say the characters are well-developed and you best be OK with some graphic violence or you may throw up by the finale. One of the best Marvel/Netflix collaborations thus far.