“A Quiet Place” 

Grade: C


For me, a good Sci-Fi movie has to have some idea–some theme–driving the plot. I thought “Arrival” (2016) was the best one in a decade. I haven’t really went back 10 years to skim through the good Sci-Fi movies but yes, a decade. Maybe two decades!

“A Quiet Place” is not… very good. It’s a simple survival story so if you’re into simple survival stories, then go ahead and eat some popcorn in a quiet theater. If you love The Walking Dead, you’ll probably like this movie. There’s no answers and there’s no deeper meaning. There are monsters that come from nobody knows and most importantly, they attack anyone that makes a sound. They’re ferociously grouchy monsters that want silence. Why? Nobody cares!

In every alien/creature movie, there’s that fundamental question of WHY DID THEY COME HERE? WHAT DO THEY WANT?


There are two reasons this movie is getting good reviews:

1.) People like John Krasinski (he acts and directs the movie).

2.) It’s innovative in the sense that it uses little/no dialogue to create suspense.

It’s a mediocre movie with a magic trick. And if anyone knows mediocre magic, it’s me.