The blog was put on hold for a while due to a busy schedule but if there was going to be a  topic that brought me back, I think it had to be a spicy scandal involving an educator.

“Spicy” may be the wrong adjective to use here–a word that implies (at least, for me) something sexual. Nope. Nothing sexual about this one. This, my friends, is a good old-fashioned poop scandal.

I learned about this bizarre tale in May, when the allegations leaked. Do yourself a summer favor and Google some of the articles. Here’s my favorite thing:


“This notion that Tom is ‘serial pooper’ is unfounded and frankly it’s disgusting and unfair,” Adams said. “It’s really unfair to malign a guy who has had a great career. You talk to any of Tom’s colleagues about his career and what he’s done for kids they’ll tell you that.”

There’s nobody more sympathetic to the wrongfully accused than me. Butttttttt, there’s no way in hell someone gets randomly accused of being a ‘serial pooper’ unless they are serially pooping. You just don’t fall backwards into that accusation. There’s clear evidence that you shit on a field repeatedly if you have to release a statement like that.

We’ve now learned that Tom had to resign. I don’t know if there’s a morality clause in the superintendent contract but there’s no coming back from that.  If we’re being honest, Tom needs to do much more than resign. The reset button has to be used in every element of his life. New name. New face. New passport. New field.

So add this to my eternal wish-list of questions.

1.) Where’s the Malaysian plane?

2.) Is Steven Avery guilty?

3.) Why did Tom poop on the field daily (or even once)?

4.) Why do women get so fired up about beard hair around the sink but not for their own hair in the shower?